January 2021


Our next monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, Jan 26th online at 6 pm. Please register for the meeting on TechLife Cincinnati to get the link. 

.NET Core

You turn the key or push the button and, after a sequence of events, (hopefully) your car runs and drives.  There are a number of mechanical, chemical, and electrical processes continuously or intermittently running while you are transported from A to B.  You don't have to know anything about them to operate a car, only the controls, but when something doesn't sound or feel right, it is often helpful to have some understanding of what's going on under the hood, especially when you're trying to decide whether to pull over and stop or just turn up the radio.  I feel the same applies to building software and .NET Core provides access to powerful tools and functionality behind a relatively simple set of controls.  A deep dive into the internals of .NET Core is simply not possible in the time constraints of a users' group talk.  Instead, let's take a look at the major components of .NET Core and examine a few of the things they do for us.

About our Speaker:

Eric is a consultant with Strategic Data Systems in Sharonville, Ohio working on the .NET project team.  He is a 2017 graduate of MAX Technical Training's .NET Bootcamp and previously received a masters degree in German Studies from the University of Cincinnati in 2014.  He has been tinkering with writing software since the mid-90s and still enjoys writing directly against hardware whenever the opportunity arises.  Outside of computing, he spends most of his time reading, working in his machine shop, and endurance cycling.  

Pizza, drinks and conversation will follow our speaker!

As usual, after we wrap our pizza break we will be holding another CINARC (Cincinnati Software Architecture Group). This session will feature more discussion on topics chosen the night of the meeting. The focus of the meeting will be to discuss issues of software architecture relevant to the members of the community.
Pizza and social time will be back when we start meeting in person again! 
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