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Sponsorship Model

The Cincinnati .Net Users Group (CINNUG) works completely off of donations from members and sponsor companies. Our operating costs are primarily used to pay any costs related to hosting our website (including domain name), mailing lists, and to pay for the monthly pizza and drinks at the meetings. The money may also be used to pay for special presenters.

You can see our list of current sponsors on our Sponsors page.

We have four levels of Sponsorship. If you would like to contribute, please take the time to select the level that is most appropriate:

Individual Sponsorship/Donation

This is simply a donation to CINNUG, usually from an individual but company donations are gladly accepted. We accept donations via PayPal (click the PayPal button on the home page). There are no Sponsorship level benefits associated with a donation, except for the thanks of the CINNUG members. Please remember that CINNUG is a Ohio registered Non Profit organization, not federal.

Swag Sponsorship

The Swag level of sponsorship has been suspended while the Directors review the policy.

CINNUG Sponsorship

This is a yearly group sponsorship level. CINNUG will only accept up to five (5) yearly sponsorships at this time. Since we are not around to make money we only require enough sponsors to ensure we can provide the food at our meetings, support local .Net events and perhaps bring in a special speaker from time to time. The yearly membership has a renewal period every December with the benefits period being from Jan 1st to Dec. 31st each year. If we receive more than five sponsorship offers the additional offers will be placed on a waiting list for the following year. Incumbent sponsors will have the right to renew their memberships first before we move to the waiting list. The minimum sponsorship level for a yearly sponsorship is $1,000 USD.

If you are interested in providing a yearly sponsorship please contact the directors of CINNUG before you donate via PayPal.

By providing a yearly group sponsorship your company will get the following Sponsorship benefits:

  • A listing on the CINNUG home page in our sponsorship ads. The banner cannot exceed 150 px by 150 px. This banner may be rotated with our other sponsors.
  • Ability to use the CINNUG logo, with approval, on your site as a way of saying you support us.
  • Recognition in pre-meeting slides
  • Provide pre-approved handouts and flyers to the attendees (or to be laid out for the taking on a table outside the meeting area). This can be information about the sponsors company and the services they offer. This is for any meeting during the sponsorship year.
  • A listing on the CINNUG sponsor page that can include a large banner and a paragraph description of the sponsoring company.

Honorary Sponsorship

Sometimes companies or individuals may provide a special service to the CINNUG group which will earn them Honorary Sponsorship benefits. This includes companies like Max Train who have been graciously providing us with a place to hold our meeting free of charge, and Server Intellect who provides our web site hosting, also free of charge.

Honorary Sponsors receive the same benefits of a CINNUG yearly Sponsorship and are decided upon by the directors of the CINNUG.


If you have any questions about the sponsorship model, or would like more information about sponsoring our group, please contact us.

These policies are subject to change at any time.

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