May 2018


Tuesday, May 22nd, Max Technical Training in Mason, OH, 6pm at our monthly CINNUG meeting, we welcome Ken Baum presenting on the pressure to continuously improve our skills and advance our careers. As a community, we understand the importance of keeping our skills current and continuously upgrading them; if we’re not moving forward, we’re falling behind. We’d like to acquire new languages, work with the latest javascript frameworks, learn new programming and design techniques, and improve our soft skills, but who has the time? The kids are in soccer and karate and band and church activities and the commute is deadly and we volunteer on the weekends; there is just no time left over for career development. In this talk, Ken is going to examine the ways in which we learn new technology and how we might improve our learning without killing ourselves or sacrificing our families. He will also look at some of the sites that are available that can help us keep our skills honed and help us learn new technologies.

About our Speaker:

Ken Baum is a senior consultant for Ingage Partners, a certified B-Corp seeking to use consulting as a force for good.  He is a software developer with over 25 years of experience, predominately on the Microsoft stack in C++ and C#. His most recent experience is on a full-stack project consisting of a Dotnet/Sql Server back-end and AngularJS front-end. He’s an experienced teacher, presenter and mentor. When he’s not learning new technology or volunteering, he loves reading and watching Netflix shows. He loves The Tick (cartoon and live action), Firesign Theater, all things Monty Python, and Call the Midwife. He considers Fringe the greatest TV show ever, and when he saw Stranger Things, he felt like he was finally home.

Pizza, drinks and conversation will follow our speaker!
As usual, after we wrap our pizza break we will be holding another CINARC (Cincinnati Software Architecture Group). This session will feature more discussion on topics chosen the night of the meeting. The focus of the meeting will be to discuss issues of software architecture relevant to the members of the community.


All Things Mobile

The group is exploring a new direction towards Internet of Things with a possible location change or closing the group. The next meeting will be announced after a decision has been made. If anyone is interesting in continuing the group in its present format or taking over direction of the group please reach out to Parag Joshi.


Upcoming Regional Events 

Cincinnati Day of Agile and Cincinnati.Develop(), July 27th, 2018: Registration is now open. More 2018 announcements will be coming soon!